10 Things to feel better when you are away from home


Moving to a new city, away from your home and loved once, can be quiet difficult for a few.  It’s just like uprooting your life and starting another one.  Moving to a new city/country can be exciting, as well as scary too.


Shifting away from home makes a person independent and responsible, but there are days when you will miss your home extremely.  It happens to most of us, but you need to be strong and move along the wave.  So, the first thing you normally do is call your parents, but folks! Here are a few other things to get away with the feeling of HOME SICKNESS!


  • Prepare a dish (home)


Whether it’s your favourite Maggi, or just a cup of tea, enjoy that time of putting your culinary skills to practice.  There are many easy to make recipes out there which you can surely try out.  And then, the next time you actually go home and see your parents do share your secret recipe with them.


  • Go outing/ walk in your surrounding


Hanging out, or just going out for a small walk, can be a real relief.  If you feel awkward, plug in that headphone with your favourite music in the background, and just observe your surroundings.  It’s really surprising how you are missing all that beauty and charm of nature in your daily hassle bustle.  On your way, you might even meet someone who can turn out to be your buddy for the rest of the days.


  • Work Out


Are you a potato couch, lying down the whole day, with nobody around? It’s time to get some workout buddy!  The whole point here is to keep yourself busy and occupied so you don’t feel lonely.  It will surely balance your mind and body. Isn’t it great?


  • Habit of Diary


Sometimes your Home sickness can turn out a nightmare when you have no one to speak about it. The best way you can get ahead is to write it down in your favourite book or diary. It’s always a good idea to maintain such a hobby.  Write down what you feel, how you feel, and always remember that you are strong and will see your family soon.


  • Visit your relatives


Are you lucky enough to have a few relatives in the new city?  Then certainly you need to go and meet them immediately.  Since they are a part of your family, you can have a few common topics and interests to talk about.  Your Home Sickness is surely going to fly out of you.


  • Try out the famous cuisine around


Even if you are not a foodie, call yourself once.  Every place has some unique, authentic specialty, and not to forget, a local food.  Take out some time and explore that food and what the city has to offer. You will feel like one of those from the city itself.


  • Happy Family


The best way to feel happy is to make someone happy. Send some gifts and letters to your family and siblings and see their happiness growing. We are sure you will without any doubt feel better.  Never mind what gift it is, small or big, dark or faint, your family will certainly adore it.


  • Call a friend


Try reaching out a friend who also is away from his/her family. You both have very good chances of getting along. Your friend is the one who is going through the same emotions as you and will understand and connect well with you.


  • Enrich your stay experience


It’s not just family and emotions that gives you a sense of Home Sickness, it’s the environment, the surrounding, and the sense that also contributes to it. Try redecorating your flat/pg. room with some nice glitters or something that you miss from your home.  The more comfortable you will be the better.


  • Remember the hard time


Remember the hard times you dealt with. Remember what it took you to reach this level and place.  Give yourself huge credit for your bravery and the things you deserve.  And thinking of all such times can actually make you feel better. Feel Strong and go ahead. Life is indeed beautiful!


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