After Rs 500 Note hurl, limits At ATMs, banks made: 10 new changes


NEW Delhi: Within hours of pushing out the new Rs  500 note, the government increased the limit of taking away from ATMs from Rs  2000 to Rs  2500 and exchange limit from Rs  4 ,000 to Rs 4 ,500. first in rating Minister Narendra Modi will shortly paper the process of taking away of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 note that was said on Tuesday in a say, order to root out black money. Union head of town church Arun Jaitley and the Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank of India will give attention to the meeting.


Here are the latest developments (note):

1. The Finance chief government offices has questioned the banks to take away the daily taking away limit of Rs 10 ,000 and increase the weekly taking away limit of Rs 20 ,000 to Rs 24 ,000, so that the complete amount can be taken away at one time by check. The banks have also been well-judged to make arrangements for separate queues for higher (in position) citizens and

2.  PM Modi today said the nation had selected him to fight wrong or changed form and he was ready to do even though he faced a sign of danger to his living. “I have knowledge of the forces up against me, they may not let me burning .. they may serious damage me because their loot of 70 years is in trouble, but am got ready,” he said at a group event in Goa.

3. The Congress said PM Modi had gave wound to feelings, self-respect to the people who are positioned in queues. “wage one making, getting (money), farmers, persons making cloth, making workers .. PM has said all these millions of Indians are scamsters. The PM should give up theatrics and have in mind that hard how to get well the country’s direction,” said meeting of friends representative Anand Sharma.

4. The Reserve Bank of India has urged people to not take away money frequently, again and again and store of it. Much to persons in general’s shocked surprise, only 60 per cent of ATMs got money used in a country get food to five days after PM Modi announced the surprise scrapping of note. Of the 2 lakh ATMs across the nation, 1.2 lakh are running but they are out of money within a few hours.

5. Greater size crowds were came forward outside banks and ATMs this morning since most people are off work; the water-side plant was in addition, in part, needing payment to banks being shut on Monday in some parts of the country. In Delhi, to manage troubled great numbers of persons together, 3 ,400 paramilitary personnel and Delhi Police in company with 200 quick reaction teams were put out at ATMs and banks.

6. The nation’s largest bank, the State Bank of India, got put down for something stored value Rs 75945 crore by Sunday night-fall.

7. Delhi chief head of town church Arvind Kejriwal, who has made an opinion the government’s move to Put a stop to the high naming money used in a country, told NDTV that those positioned in long lines have no black money. The government, he said, had gave danger signs its own persons in general.

8. Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee called up arch competing-one CPM’s Sitaram Yechury, questioning him to join hands in the fight the government’s move and name on President Pranab Mukherjee together. in harmony with to starting points, Mr Yechury said he would go back in a grouped in 2 of days.

9. The government had pushed into water the new Rs 2000 note last week. But neither that, nor the Rs 500 note can be well made in ATM machines needing payment to an unmatch in tray size. “Recalibration of ATMs will be completed within 2 weeks,” Union controlling of money head of town church Arun Jaitley had said on Saturday.

10. The government has questioned people to exchange old 500 and 1 ,000 rupees note by December 30.

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