Designer Kids: The truth behind the ethics of preimplantation Genetic diagnosis

Designer Kids

(Designer Kids) Dozens of books and movies were available that detail a future in which eugenics takes over the society in a sneaky form or in some other form. A master class will decide on the desirable traits and slowly begins to weed out individuality, flaws, and free thought. For many of the writers, it may have seemed like an impossible dystopian future that imagined about it a decade ago. Today, very reproductive and genetic technology has been originated which have made such a future a very real fear for many.

Designer Kids

The fear of designers might be real but not everything people believe about them is true. Even the term, the designer kids allude vanity thereby suggesting a process where the couples can pick out the traits for their child as handily as if they were choosing the fabric samples for their home and removing all the other traits or disabilities from the population. Indeed, a reality behind those children is that they are far from that flippant scenario.

What the designer kids (babies) are?

Wikipedia says that the vernacular term designer baby refers to a baby whose genetic makeup will be selected artificially by genetic engineering that gets combined with in vitro fertilization for ensuring the presence and absence of a particular gene or its characteristics. To be said simple, it involves the biotechnology for choosing what type of baby they want actually. Using the technology that has been found originally for animals, researchers make the designer babies in reality now.

      Designer kids can also be referred to as the children who have been inheritable and genetically modified where after those babied will be placed in womb having certain desired qualities. During the pre-implantation stage, a scientist will be able to predict the child’s characteristics that a child to have as well as they can say that whether the child is at a risk of developing genetic disorders like Autism, Huntington’s disease, Down syndrome, Alzheimer’s and many other diseases or not. And it has been proved that the designer babies will be less prone to many disorders and illnesses as well as be able to dictate gender, hair style, eye color, height, ability to athletic and intelligence and some other qualities.

Traits that could be changed in a designer kids

The traits that can be changed in a designer kids will be as listed below:

  • Gender
  • Appearance
  • Disease
  • Intelligence
  • Personality

How can the Trait selection be done?

A process called pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) will be involved in the Embryo Screening where the embryos are created by in-vitro fertilization. After this, the embryo will grow up to the eight-cell stage and at the same point; one or two more cells will be removed. Next to this stage, scientists will examine at the DNA of these cells to find if there is any defect in order to replace only the healthy and normal embryos in the mother’s Womb.

What is the ethical problem behind it?

Over the designer baby idea, there avails a lot of controversies as many people do have an argument that designer baby idea is unethical and unnatural to create a baby that they want actually while others were arguing that it can be used to stop getting certain genetic diseases. Despite, many doctors keep on saying that, implementing this procedure will pay the customers with the possible changes in child gender and people began to question about the business.  

How does the designer kids work?

In this process, these (designer kids) babies are genetically modified and the genetically modification of embryos is a type of in-vitro fertilization which works by the extraction of eggs from the mother and the sperm of a father which will be then fertilized in a small petri dish similar to that of the test tube babies. After this, the embryo will be transferred back inside the mother’s womb.

The Pros and Cons of Designer kids!

As it is having the shaky moral platform, the process of designer babies remains to be questioned and though it is having several positive things, it also has some negative prospects that would be often wondered by the parents. Some of the pros and cons are listed below.

Pros of Designer babies

  • It lowers the risk of inherited medical conditions.
  • It prevents against genetic disorder.
  • Lessons about genetics will be provided
  • Increased life span

Cons of Designer babies

  • It creates moral and ethical implications.
  • Violation of rights.
  • Provides plenty of possibilities for a mistake.
  • It leads to the creation of prejudice and social divide.


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