Trip planner of Google ! Planning your next vacation?

Trip Planner


Trip Planner Whether you are in a juggling profession, a student, Family, or just another common man out there, everyone needs a break from the daily routine. Planning a trip to your favorite destination has always been time-consuming and the toughest job. You might get recommendations from your friends, colleagues, or even family members- but figuring out what suits your needs the best can be quite stressful.

Trip Planner

To let you enjoy your travel plan, Google  Trip Planner has introduced its new app that aims to take out the hassle out of planning the trip, or to make it easier for those who don’t plan anything until they’ve hit the ground. ‘Google trips’ is smarter than you realise. It relies on a mathematical concept that goes back almost 300years. This trips-application was designed to help users plan each day of their holiday, in their favourite cities from the top 200 cities around the world. Don’t forget, it will work for all travel plans, and not just holiday related plans.

GoogleTrip Planner is a customised tour guide in your pocket. For instance, one of the Los Angeles day plans is called “Los Angeles with Kids,” and it features few suggested attractions for users traveling with children. It automatically maps out the things you should or want to see and do. With the app, a person can browse a list of suggested day plans for each city. Likewise, if the user already knows a place he is supposed to visit, he can pin the location on the map and the app will suggest additional attractions nearby.

Google Trip Planner, by behaviour of its design, handle some of the features that are not so fascinating about travel; like for example, getting lost at a location, getting on with something unusual etc. In addition the app can also track flights, hotel, cars, and restaurant locations for you.

When you open the app, it’s populated with a list of past, as well as currently planned trips, which can be downloaded to your smartphone.  The data contains factors like reservation and confirmations, day plans and place Google recommends you to see.  This all can be done even without a data connection. Isn’t it amazing?

If you use Gmail, ‘Trips’ will automatically monitor your mails, pulling in all the travel related data. This means, that Google Trip Planner will formally gather information from your account and history, and import it into the app even if you forget to manually enter it.  As it is always said, “nothing is perfect”, it’s always a better idea to double check with your trip plans.

While the new app is quite compelling, it also provides for another data gathering strategy of Google. Since almost half the data is user generated, the app will have limited information to display and you will be back on Google for searching the same. Still, Google very well knows that its software can get better. This app is also available on iOS too

Plan each day of your Vacation with ease! (Trip Planner)

Every person has different interests and tastes.  No matter how these apps make our life simple, there’s no perfect solution for that perfect vacation. Google Trip Planner can help you with plan your day around places you already know you want to visit.

If you’re time conscious, you can describe aloft the map whether you have just the morning or afternoon, or a full day. You can pin any new spots you like, build your own custom interests and much more in minutes while munching on your morning breakfast.

In a future release, we will be incorporating more detailed understanding of common crowd patterns that are cared by features such as preferences for certain kinds of places, time of day, restricting the planned route to a particular travel mode such as walking tours”, said Andrew Tomkins, Engineering Director at Google

Vacations are always a great chance to recharge and rejuvenate at new places and cultures. For your next trip, let Google (Trip Planner) help you with your planning, without all the physical work you would need to do.  Do enjoy the benefit of Google Trip Planner this Christmas Vacation travel plans. So folks! Google Trips makes your world easier to explore by organising the relevant and important information in one place and making it available online. Do share your experience with you.


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